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Volume 35, Numbers 3&4

Volume 35, Numbers 3&4
Fall/Winter 2014


William Harrison Eleven Beds
Gary Horton The Empty Tanks of Billie Bart
Allen Wier Everything's Really Something


Clay Reynolds 51 Sunsets and Saddles: A Valediction Postponed
Angela Williams Excerpt from Hush Now, Baby
Robert Winship The Ergonomic Mouse


Michael Biehl The Saint
Larsen Bowker Autumn in the Rear View Mirror
John Randolph Carter The Antelope Hat
     Scorched Earth
George Drew Losing Myself at Mount Saint Mary College
     Royal's God
     Thief of Autumn
Tom Hanson The Bar at the Folies Bergere
     The Cradle
James Lineberger Annie
Peter Ludwin The Bureau of Land Management
Elizabeth Murawksi Quel Dommage
Dave Parsons Ghost Hawk
     Sometimes the Darkness
Nate Pillman The Son of a Coal Miner
Cleatus Rattan Before Friday Conflicts
     Elementary Tough Stuff
     Great Doak Walker
     To Make God
Dave Roderick Ode to the Magic Bullet
     Treatise on the Novel
Mark Taksa Shoe's Mark
Larry D. Thomas Dark Horse
Marne Grinolds Wilson Nine Minutes and Twenty-Three Seconds


Sybil Pittman Estess Lynn Hoggard’s Motherland:
     Stories and Poems from Louisiana
Farwa Naqvi Richard Burgin's Hide Island:
     A Novella and Nine Stories
Phillip Parotti John C. Waugh's Lincoln and the War's End