Current Issue

Volume 35, Numbers 1&2

Volume 35, Numbers 1&2, Spring/Summer 2014


Tom Bennitt Wild and Wonderful
Michael McGuire The Fortuneteller and the Cowboy
Don Meredith The Sudden Disappearance of Adrian Thule
Phillip Parotti Hobb’s Neck


Gorman Beauchamp Three Notes on Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God
Tracy Bilsing Mors ab Alto: The Dangerous Power of Women’s Images in WWII Nose Art
David Raney Wings


Nicky Beer Specimen #17
     Thorn Ostinato
William Bedford Clark An Extraordinary Evening in Enid
Jesse Graves Ghosts of Jackson Avenue
     Van Zandt Dream, #4
B.D. Love Ring Cycle
Mathew Olzmann The Civil War Reenactors
     Dead Man In Tree
     The Department of Doubt


Ashley R. Franklin Steve Davenport’s Overpass
Janet McCann David Parsons’ New and Selected Poems
Christopher Tuthill Floyd Collins’ What Harvest
Liana Vrajitoru Lidia Yuknavitch’s Dora: A Headcase