Erica Abeel

Begin in Gladness from Wild Girls

Dawn S. Davies


Bipin Aurora

Notes of a Mediocre Man

J. Bob Blacklock

Everything is All Right?

Mario J. Jorge

Lo, Behold the False Shepherd


Donley Watt 

Mexico Chronicles: Night of the Niño

George Drew

Poems that Jack Took: The Dressing Down of an Editor 

Laurence Lieberman

Igniting Sparks from Tamura’s Smithy


Rita Quillen 

The Mad Farmer Dances
Canning Ghazal

Margaret Mackinnon

Myrtle Beach, 1960

Matthew Bruce Harrison

Sun Eye
Life Between Food Chains

 Sarah Cortez

At Rest
Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow Baton Twirler with Horns
Taylor Gorman Reincarnated (Body)



Richard Wirick

Lucia Berlin’s Up Over Every Dark Thing: A Manual for Cleaning Women

Liana Vrajitoru Andreasen

Liza Bakewell’s Madre: Perilous Journey with a Spanish Noun  

Jorge Hinojosa

Casey Clabough’s Schooled: Life Lessons of a College Professor

Daniel M. Mendoza

William Hastings’ Stray Dogs: Writing from the Other America