Tracey Daugherty     From American Originals
Kathy Flann              Sunny’s Guide to Native Virginia Plants
Shoney Flores          Los Putos
David Pichaske        The World According to Bear
                                 as Related by His Friend Harley

Thomas H. Schmid   Excerpt from Fools of Time


George Drew            Fixing the Shimmer: The Hard Art of Poetry
Joel Harris                Showdown at the Horse and Buggy Bar
Sam Pickering          Ya


David Armand         The Deep Woods
Chris Campanioni    Dance for the Dead
                                Love During Wartime
Dougles Cole          The Cycle
Sarah Cortez           Heat
William Virgil Davis  A Photograph
                                Yesnaby’s Castle
George Drew           The Word Jackass
Sybil Pittman Estess From Mississippi Mamaw’s:
                               The Long Ride

                               You Taught Me
John Gosslee          Excerpt
Ceridwen Hall          It’s always the quiet ones
Allison Lee              Name Dropper’s Lament
                                Liquid Interventions
                               Consider the Manifestation of Dreary 
                               Circumstances that Accumulate by 4 A.M.

Linda Parsons Marion Reluctance
                               The Gathering Bowl
Elina Petrova          You Are Kind
Austin Sanchez-Moran The Repentant St. Peter


Josh Polinard     Thomas McNeely’s Ghost Horse
Sally Ridgway     Sybil Estess’ Like That: New and Selected Poems
Liana Vrajitoru    Mihaela Moscaliuc’s Immigrant Model