The Texas Review Volume 36, Issues 1 & 2—Fiction—

Paul Crenshaw Flight of the Butterflies
Celestin d’Olaine The Recruiter
Michael Gills Emergency Instructions
Doug Haines Meat


Kathy Flann Chapter Seven: Off-Color From Sit, Speak, Stay
Stephen E. Smith A Memory of George Garrett
Robert N. Winship The Fur Cap from Moscow


Deborah Bacharach in the fairy tale in which i live
Deborah Bacharach To Hold Him
Kai Carlson Wee The Cascade Tunnel
Kai Carlson Wee Riders
Thomas Dorsett The Ginkgoes on Main Street
Thomas Dorsett Who Was That Glum Passer-By?
George Drew Losing Myself at Mount St. Mary College
George Drew The Men
George Drew Not Quite Philadelphia
Kendall Dunkelberg The Cottage
Kendall Dunkelber Great Spirit Road
Kendall Dunkelber Nullah
Kendall Dunkelber The Road to Shu
David Mercier Parsons Sometimes the Darkness
Peter Serchuk Mated for Life
Jeff Worley At the Nursing Home
Jeff Worley Marriage


Robert Cremins Ted Estess’ Fishing Spirit Lake
Anna Drysdale Rusty Barnes’ Reckoning
Josh Polinard Larry Fondation’s Martyrs and Holymen
Phillip Parotti Gladys Swan’s A Dark Gamble
Trevor Stott William Hastings’ The Hard Way