Texas Review Press 2016 Book Competitions

Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize for best poetry chapbook
(online submission deadline 6/15); 

manuscripts up to 40 pp.

X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize for best full-length book of poetry
(online submission deadline 7/15); 
manuscripts up to 100 pp.

George Garrett Fiction Prize for best book of stories or short novel
(online submission deadline 9/15); 
manuscripts up to 250 pp.

Clay Reynolds Novella Prize for best novella
(online submission deadline extended to 10/31); CLICK HERE to submit

manuscripts up to 150 pp.

General Guidelines

The most recent winners of our competions:

George Garrett Fiction Prize:

2015 winner: Jeff Jones (Moscow, Idaho)
for a novel called Love Give Us One Death

X.J. Kennedy Poetry Prize:

2016 winner: Jeff Hardin (Columbia, Tennessee)
for No Other Kind of World
(Final Judge—X.J. Kennedy)

Clay Reynolds Novella Prize:

2015 winner: Rusty Dolleman (West Paris, Maine)
for The Megabucks
(Final Judge--Clay Reynolds)

Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize:

2016 winner: Mike Schneider (Pittsburgh, PA)
for How Many Faces Do You Have?
(selected by Richard Foerster)

Texas Review Press Breakthrough Poetry Prize: Texas

rile & heave by Lindsay Illich
(selected by Will Wright)

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