Submission Guidelines for the George Garrett Fiction Prize

Accepting short story collections and novels.

This contest honors award-winning author George Garrett (1929-2008), a master storyteller who never quite received the recognition he deserved. The wide range of Garrett’s interests and subjects is often blamed for his lack of recognition, and for that reason, we do not restrict this contest with regard to subject. We do, however, look for technical proficiency. Disregard for grammar or mechanics will see an entry disqualified faster than anything else. We want to read a compelling story, well-told. We want to meet characters that come alive, and while we value originality, we tend to favor traditional story-telling over abstract styles. George Garrett judged the contest up to the time of his death in 2008. Eric Miles Williamson judged for us from 2009 to 2016.

Steven Yates--Final judge for the George Garrett Fiction Competition, 2017Our final judge this year will be Steve Yates. He said, “Twice George Garrett chose my short stories for inclusion in The Texas Review. It means a lot to me that I have this chance to return some of that brilliant man’s great time, care, and service to a mighty literary engine, The Texas Review Press.”

His third novel, The Legend of the Albino Farm, has just been released by Unbridled Books. It is a horror story told inside out from the perspective of the beleaguered family that owned the property Springfield knows as the Albino Farm. Yates is the winner of numerous prizes for his fiction, and has been granted three Literary Arts fellowships from the Mississippi Arts Commission—two for his fiction and one for creative nonfiction. He is the recipient of an individual artist’s grant from the Arkansas Arts Council for his fiction as well. He is the author of two novels from Moon City Press, Morkan’s Quarry and The Teeth of the Souls. He is associate director / marketing director at University Press of Mississippi in Jackson.

(photo by Ellie Banks, Mississippi Public Broadcasting)

  • Manuscripts may be novels or short story collections with a total word count of between 40,000 and 120,000 words.
  • All submissions must be made electronically through our Submittable account.
  • The author's name should not appear anywhere on the manuscript.
  • All entries should be double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, with page numbers.
  • A cover letter should be included with your entry. This is to be copied and pasted into the Submittable entry form, not included with the manuscript itself.
  • A reading fee of $20 must accompany each manuscript.
  • Winning manuscripts will be published the year after acceptance.
    (Upon acceptance for publication, Texas Review Press acquires first North American serial rights; copyright reverts to author upon publication.) 
  • Winners will receive 20 free copies of their books.
  • Winner will be announced on the Texas Review Press website. 
  • Entries close on September 15.

Past Winners of the George Garrett Fiction Prize

Click covers to read about each book or purchase a copy.

  • Love Give Us One Death by Jeff P. Jones
  • Get a Grip by Kathy Flann
  • The Gold Piano by Stephen March
  • The Jumper by Tim Parrish
  • Purple Church by Starner Jones
  • The Pubilist’s Wife by David Armand
  • The Estate Sale by Richard Spillman
  • River Roots by Mary Kuykendall-Weber
  • Hog to Hog by Jack Smith
  • Sky full of Burdens by Meg Moceri
  • Fiestas by Jacqueline Bautista
  • An American Affair by Mark Brazaitis
  • Pitching Tents by Gail Mount
  • Blessings of Hard-Used Angels by John Cottle
  • Hardwater by Steve Sherwood
  • Acts of Contrition by Thomas Cobb
  • Marconi's Dream by Naton Leslie
  • Tales of Resistance by Peter Leach