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  • Place-of-Timeless-Harmony
  • Johnnie Bernhard
  • karla k. morton
  • Don DeNevi
  • James Ulmer
  • Lindsay Illich
  • Richard Carr
  • Sarah Cortez - editor
  • Robert Davant / Mickey Herskowitz

Our Competition Winners:

2017 George Garrett Fiction Prize:

The Winner: Pitchman’s Blues
a short story collection
by Jim Kelly from West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Runner-up: Posing Nude for the Saints
a short story collection
by Elizabeth Genovise from Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Final judge: Steven Yates
Preliminary judge: Michael Gills

2017 Clay Reynolds Novella Prize:

The Winner: Blindsided 
by Chelsea Catherine from Graniteville, Vermont.

Runner-up: Unprotected Rex 
by C.E. Smith from Nashville, Tennessee.

Final judge: Clay Reynolds

Preliminary judges: Kim Davis, Claude Wooley,
Savanah Burns, Elizabeth Evans, and Laura Brackin

2017 X.J. Kennedy Poetry Prize:

The winner: Because the Fire in Our Heads
by Jay Udall from Thibodaux, LA

Final Judge—David M. Parsons

2017 Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize:

The winner: Ephemera
by Evana Bodiker from Concord, North Carolina

Final Judge—Robert Phillips

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