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Texas Review Press
Box 2146
Sam Houston State Univeristy
Huntsville, TX 77341-2146

Tel: (936) 294-1992
Fax: (936) 294-3070

For Book Orders Contact:
Texas Book Consortium

Tel: 1-800-826-8911

  • Robert Davant / Mickey Herskowitz
  • Jeff P. Jones
  • Rusty Dolleman
  • Erica Abeel
  • Sarah Cortez - editor
  • Michael Gills
  • Sam Pickering
  • Laurence Lieberman
  • Sarah Cortez
  • Michael Lieberman
  • Loueva Smith
  • Rita Sims Quillen

Our Competition Winners:

George Garrett Fiction Prize:

2016 winner: James Ulmer 
(Magnolia, Arkansas)
for a novel The Fire Doll

(Final Judge—Eric Miles Williamson)

X.J. Kennedy Poetry Prize:

2016 winner: Jeff Hardin
(Columbia, Tennessee)
for No Other Kind of World

(Final Judge—X.J. Kennedy)

Clay Reynolds Novella Prize:

2016 winner: Curt Eriksen
(Brookline, Massachusetts)
for A Place of Timeless Harmony

(Final Judge--Clay Reynolds)

Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize:

2016 winner: Mike Schneider (Pittsburgh, PA)
for How Many Faces Do You Have?

(Final Judge—Richard Foerster)

Texas Review Press Breakthrough Poetry Prize: Texas

rile & heave by Lindsay Illich
(selected by Will Wright)

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